Campaign Prospectus

Title: Greatest American Heroes
System: GURPS
Genre: Supers (Realistic)

Tagline: “You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada. Here is your standard-issue Cosmic Power Suit.”

“Cool! A little revealing, though, isn’t it? And are those … pansy red booties? Does this thing come with instructions? Hello?”

Description: The PCs are the only super heroes on Earth, having been drafted into something akin to the Green Lantern Corps. Unfortunately, they have been stuck on Earth, without the training or resources that they were intended to have. They have been tasked to fight crime, and protect their society and its ideals from an alien force that wishes to assimilate the world.

PCs: The PCs will be competent ordinary people (100 points, 50 points disadvantages). Players must include an NPC on their character sheet (Ally, Patron, Dependent, or Enemy). Once the “mundane” PCs have been finalized, players may choose two powers from a list provided by the GM. These powers will initially be minor and/or quirky, but may be improved with earned points into something more powerful and more reliable.

Play Style: Dramedy. The PCs will have all of the responsibilities of being superheroes, but few to none of the perks. They will have to balance their ordinary lives and heroic lives. They will have to conceal their identities, not only to protect their loved ones, but because their supersuits make them look ridiculous. And since no one believes in super heroes, they are more likely to get mockery than respect from the general public.

Source Material: The Greatest American Hero, Heroes, My Secret Identity, Misfits of Science

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Greatest American Heroes